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Lock Rod Components - Twistlock Africa

Lock rod components

All the lock rod components are required to replace a lock rod on an HC and GP ISO container.

  • Single ISO shipping container door lock set.
  • Suitable for GP and HC containers.
  • Bar End Insert: 25.4mm OD.
  • Plastic Sleeve for Bar: 38mm ID.
  • Excludes the operation bar (Steel tube) and fasteners. Sold separately


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Lock Rod Handle Isolator Lock 1

Lock Rod Handle Isolator Lock

Heavy duty shipping container lock rod handle isolator with rod extension.

Lock rod isolator material is laser cut, furnace hardened and manufactured from a 7.1mm carbon steel plate.

This application is utilised all over Africa and is the No 1 locking system for heavy transport, refrigerated containers & trucks, FMCG and various courier companies.

Container Lifting Lugs Main Image Twistlock Africa

Container Lifting Lugs – Side Entry

Certified lifting lug used to lift shipping containers using the side hole on the bottom corner castings. Standard Side Container Lifting Lug (Single) ideal for use with chain slings and shackles for lifting ISO Shipping Containers and Modular Frames.
45 degree right and left-handed.

Container Castor Wheels - Twistlock Africa

Container castor wheels with swivel including twistlock

Heavy-duty container castor wheels with swivel and locking function designed specifically for empty containers. Best suited for containers located in workshops to assist with the moving around thereof. The surface should be level and smooth to prevent losing control of the container during movements

Cast-in Posts - Twistlock Africa

Cast-in posts

Cast-in posts have been specially designed to be installed into concrete for the specific purpose of installing containers.

Container corner jack with trestle - Twistlock Africa

Container corner jack with trestle

Introducing the evolved container corner jack with an integrated trestle to safely lock the container at the height required. This container jack can be used either for permanent or temporary installation or for safe levelling.

When used together with a 4-ton hydraulic jack (sold separately) to lift the corner of the container to the desired height, the unit can be locked in place using the integrated lock nuts.

Stacking Cones - Twistlock Africa

Stacking Cones

Stacking cones are used when stacking containers, such as in container yards. In windy areas, empty containers have enough surface area to be pushed off lower from containers, which can result in injury and possible death in the event of a container falling onto a person.

Stacking cones are available in different configurations, namely single, double (side by side and transverse) and quad. Tight fit options are also available.

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